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School Board Members

Scott Hudson (Board Chair)
Kody Easter
May Hambrick
Brett Niston
Pam Snow
Trena Schumaker
Gregg Swaim
Melissa Welch

To help the school board be more accessible, we have created the following email address: . Please utilize this email to provide any thoughts, concerns, topics you feel need to be discussed, and/or ideas that you feel would be beneficial to move Salem Christian Academy forward.

Responsibility of the Board
The members of the Salem Christian Academy School Board serve in an advisory capacity to the principal, assisting in the interview process for school personnel. The Board helps compile and review documents necessary for the operation of SCA and develops policy and procedure manuals for school operation.

Board Member Qualifications
The Board shall consist of six to twelve elected members plus one pastoral staff member, determined by the senior pastor. The school principal will serve as a non-voting member. There must be at least one Salem Christian Academy parent on the board at all times. To qualify as a servant on the school board, members must:

  1. Know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
  2. Be in full agreement with the Salem Baptist Church By-Laws and Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
  3. Be an active member in good standing at Salem Baptist Church.
  4. Exemplify a life of faith, morality, and loyalty to the Word of God.
  5. Be spiritually mature, not a novice.
  6. Be persons who have an interest in the spiritual life and Kingdom Education of children.
  7. Have personal integrity and appreciation of the values of Kingdom Education.
  8. Be willing and capable of assuming Board responsibility.
  9. Have the ability to work with others, the courage of their convictions, vote their beliefs, and be champions of the school.
  10. Be willing and able to make sacrifices of their time, knowledge, and personal pleasure for the benefit of the school.